How would you call the "Modern World"?

The Patterns Of Fraud

"Let-down with all the virtues 
of the majority
The casualties of greed
And those who have no integrity
to show
Terrified men are crushing
each other

Quite awful needs for quite
awful power
Uncertain truth
The cross i bear
And your point of view
Considered all,
We are
Misguided souls in the patterns of fraud

And i can't withdraw
myself from the battles i'm into

Brutal the fact
As brutal the culture"

The Unshakeable Alibi

The king of all
The pattern, the unbearable
Trading on
The fear, we share of dying
And everyone glorifies the Holy Word

Delivered by Unholy

Little by little grew the Fraud
of The Ages
What is hovering above?
The obedience will be treated
like royalty
The royalty shall be rewarded with 

Delusions of Grandeur


The "All Things Decay" Nebula

"The dreaming came out
of nowhere
Merging by deliberating"

The Finger Of Blame

"Unwritten law
The mud we' re all in
The Fraud of institution
- A slavery of ego

How would you call the "Modern Man"?
Who's intrigued with his own icon
And the tendency of modern living
I call him coward
Who's settled down in his unawareness

Are the infants fated to follow?"

The Urge Of Identity

"Where do the figures of 
enormous grey fit in?
In which frame?
Which landscape?
Is it the light that refuses
to deign them?"

The Figures Of Enormous Grey

If it were in my power
Yearning to gratify
she'd gain her Freedom
And he would arrive in time
Drowned in the grief
of our unfulfilled
Grey turned our figure
Loose turned our belief"

The Paradox Of Youth


The Farewell Letters

I'm tired
of all your tricks
the cannibals you breed
Are heading my home

Oh You! Dreadful Monsters
I can't change the wolrd
I wish i could just rip your heart
Farewell, you Triumphant One!
Cause i don't have to put up
The panic and the
And your majestic cruelty
In the battles of acceptance

I don't preach...
But all we know is what we have
been told
- A false tradition?
Our degenerated race will get
what it deserves.
- A Great DownFall?
Cause nothing shall ever come back
The years
The beloved ones
(Who all had die like martyrs
in the patterns of Fraud)
The World The Stars
And everything between us"

"When we were young, we forgot to share, to see, to blossom
And now we are tired, tired of this and that and all
The reason why we lost, we lost our hearts you know is comfort
Yes we are tired, of being such cowards
Forever young, that’s a game we played and lost
Since we live, we shouldn’t sell our dreams so cheap, we should have
Always remain faithful to the essence of our existence
Always keep everything in our lives that defines us
There are so many roads to freedom, I will follow
There are so many roads to freedom, pleased to follow you if you show me one
Don’t follow me cause I am lost too"

"Are you gonna fight with me?
When will we start the fight?
Being cattle is fun
If you trade freedom for security you deserve neither


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