2L8 - New battles without honor and humanity


~It's never too late to change. But things will change... New Battles ahead. Are you going to fight with us?~

We recently came across Pledge music, a digital platform that addresses friends of music directly and we believe that this is the best possible way to offer our friends the opportunity to join us in the making of our new record, from the very first day of recording up until the day it gets released.

The idea is really simple. Anyone can choose from a suggested list of available items and express their interest for an object or an experience related to 2L8. The next step is to make an on-line order and after the completion of the new record, the group will send their friends what they have ordered, or, in the case of an interactive experience, the band will contact them for further details. Both us and our friends will gain out of this, the latter obtaining something tangible for their valuable help, while it is pointed out that there will be no transaction until the initial goal has been fully met.

The list of offered items, besides the new 2L8 album, of course, includes from hand-witten lyrics to the oportunity to provide your artwork for the new release, or even spend a day in the studio, recording vocals in the choir that will be included in the album!!!

With this move, our goal is nothing more than absolute freedom! We move on having faith in our friends' support and we hope that the success of this effort will pave the way to a new process of music and art creation, far from revenue and profit and much closer to what we valaue most: The human aspect in music that relates to our primal goal, the clear and substantial communication with all of you, our friends.

In order to get more information on what 2L8 are offering and find answers to all your questions, visit http://ilove.2l8.gr or www.2L8.gr


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