it is a woman's world

Γιατί να το κρύψουμε άλλωστε. Ο κόσμος ανήκει στις γυναίκες. 28 τραγούδια, 28 γυναίκες, 28 ξεχωριστές στιγμές. Υπέροχες folk, indie pop συνθέσεις, σαγηνευτικές φωνές, μαγευτικές μελωδίες. Και όλα αυτά μπορείς να τα έχεις δωρεάν, θέλεις τίποτα άλλο;

After admiring the fascination of electronics in the second volume , OndaDrops back to take care of the universe "songwriter", already explored in the first chapter of the series dedicated to songwriters. After one full year from that exciting debut for his third appointment of the special OndaRock containing exclusive tracks for free download is tinged with pink, offering readers 28 compositions that reflect the many facets of the female. The artists who participated in the creation of "Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens" shape the music between their fingers as clay, creating many works of fine craftsmanship tailored to individual taste and sensitivity. The songs on this double collection ranging from folk ballads from such a distant time and cheeky pop influences, including piano insights of deep intensity and colorful chime sounds and noises, from mellow acoustic country-blues and sketches of great candor. In his Orlando Furioso, Ariosto wrote: "the women came in excellence ciascun'arte place where people care." Judging from the songs of OndaDrops 3 is really hard to blame him

 Klima - Something Good by Zeugolator


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