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A new EP out despite We Were Exploding Anyway only coming out 5 months ago; the band must be in a creatively rich vein of form at the moment?
Paul Wolinski: Perhaps. We definitely were by the time we were in the studio making the record. All of these tracks were recorded and mixed at the same time, so the EP is more of a companion piece to the record, really. They're not b-sides - we really like these songs. But none of them fit on the album for one reason or another. But we always wanted to get them out somehow.

Joe Shrewsbury: When we started to write the album, we were very aware of all the things people had said about our previous album, all the music we'd put out... everything we'd asked people to experience because of us really. We wrote a lot of music and threw it away, and then we gradually started to relax after several long years of tour/record/tour/record.

When we finally went into the studio, we had about 20 tracks, and after another round of quality control, we were left with the tracks on the album, and these tracks. So these are just the tracks we left off the album because of the album we thought we were making. It's like a shorter, weirder album in it's own right.

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