Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills

"A superbly confident and stirring debut... singer Mark West, possess an extraordinary voice which blends brilliantly with the electric-folk instrumentation" - Rough Trade 

"Oh Sally is a beautiful fanfare of melodic, gentle instruments, brilliant, strong vocals and lyrics which tease the inner child from your memory. Experimental and truly unique..." - Stereoboard  

"These finely crafted, literate and wistful songs are well worth giving your time and attention to" - Folly Of Youth 

"You get a real sense of accomplished majesty from this music. Sad yet uplifting, full blooded yet sensitive... This ex-Fanfarlo guitarist & his cohorts have a rather special appeal. 4/5" - Norman Records

<a href="http://thelostcavalry.bandcamp.com/track/oh-sally">Oh Sally by The Lost Cavalry</a>


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