I LIKE TRAINS: A label, an album and a tour.

Dear Friends,
Our new album ‘He Who Saw the Deep’ is written, recorded and ready to see the light of day. It is a progression from what has gone before it. Whilst still very much an I LIKE TRAINS record, we have taken this chance to re invent. There is light and shade, hope and devastation, and we are taking a look at where we are heading instead of where we have been.

With this new album comes a new approach in getting it out into the big wide world. We’re looking to you our fans to participate in its release and promotion. In return we will be sending the album out to you before anyone else can get their hands on it, and we’re offering you a whole host of other exclusive goodies.

Here is how this works. In time honoured Blue Peter tradition, we have set a target. We will be releasing the album on our own label (ILR) and this is the money we feel we need in order to do it justice. It will go on mastering the album so that it sounds as good as it can, and then marketing so that it goes as far as it can. It will also help to get us back out onto the road so that we can play it to you around the world. Take a look at the list on the right hand side of the screen and decide how you would like to get involved with the project and make some pledges. No money exchanges hands until our target is reached. Simple.

Anyone who pledges gains access to our Pledgers only updates page which will feature videos of live performances, demos, new tunes, photos and other exclusive content.

Finally we have decided to donate a percentage of our profits to Friends of the Earth. The album may paint a bleak picture but we can still make a difference.

With Love,



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