California Sun

Η τέταρτη δουλειά του ισλανδού Olvis είναι τελειωμένη εδώ και καιρό. Το μόνο που περιμένουμε είναι να δούμε ποιος καλός άνθρωπος θα την κυκλοφορήσει μιας και η Resonant μας άφησε χρόνους. Λίγα λόγια για τον δίσκο από το myspace του:

''New OLVIS album entiltled "California Sun" will be released in this marvelous year of 2009. The album is produced and written by Olvis himself (Orlygur Thor Orlygsson) and is mixed and mastered by Sigur Ros drummer Orri Pall Dyrason (the first time he takes on such a grandeous task). Mr. Dyrason and fellow Sigur Ros bandmate Georg Holm also write one track on the album along with Maria Markan Sigfusdottir which is a member of the distinguish string quartet Amiina, who frequently workes with Sigur Ros. The leading lights of the icelandic music scene also lend a helping hand, including Arnar Geir Omarsson (drums, artwork) of the great organ outfit Apparat Organ Quartet and the rock band Ham and Bjarni Larus Hall (bass), the singer of the cocktail rock band Jeff Who? Skuli Gestsson, Dikta..s bass player is also a guest on the album and plays bass on almost every track. This is Olvis.. fourth album in five years and for the first time OLVIS sings in english. OLVIS released his first three records, "Olvis", "The Blue Sound" & "Bravado" at the great british label Resonant (R.I.P.) and got noticed for his bizzare blend of electronica and indie rock layered with rich baritone vocals (Dead Can Dance style). "California Sun" was recorded in Iceland at the Sigur Ros record studio Sundlaugin and in Los Angeles. The whole record and it..s lyrics are inspired by that great city, especially it..s people. So if you are interested keep your eyes open, cause OLVIS is back with a new sound''.

Και όσο περιμένουμε να κυκλοφορήσει το California Sun ο Olvis άνοιξε κανάλι στο mediafire και μοιράζει τους τρεις προηγούμενους δίσκους του, εδώ.


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