Point Traverse

POINT TRAVERSE tells the story of two childhood friends, Adwin (Will Ennis) and Cael (Dave Rachar), who have followed separate paths in life. Adwin leads a solitary, structured life as the manager of a little restaurant in a small town. Cael has become a drifter, aimlessly wandering the Earth in hope of something better.

After a chance encounter with an ill-fated loner, the two friends embark on a journey of self-discovery. Cael heads to the city, taking a job as a janitor in an office tower. There he meets Mia (Rachel Nauruzova), who helps Cael find a sense of home that has so far eluded him. Mia is herself running away from a previous life, and sees Cael as a chance to escape to greener pastures. But can Cael commit fully to this new life, or is it just a matter of time before he runs again?

Bothered by his brush with death, Adwin finds comfort with an old friend (Justin Major) and a young employee (Heather Gallagher), who provide him with an outlet for his frustrations. But when these relationships fail him, he becomes obsessed with a life that could have been. As he learns more about himself, Adwin realizes that the structure that has governed his life contains fatal flaws.

Η μουσική στο trailer είναι από τους Alcoholic Faith Mission (το τραγούδι Guilty Scared Eyes). Στην ταινία ακούγονται επίσης άλλα δύο κομμάτια από το ντεμπούτο των δανών.


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