causes 2

Waxploitation established the Causes album series to benefit the work of Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam America. Principally their efforts in Darfur.

black moth super rainbow - happy melted city
the decemberists - after the bombs (live version)
devendra banhart - white reggae troll
diplo - wassup wassup (exclusive samim remix)
federico aubele - luna y sol
gnarls barkley - mystery man
lcd soundsystem - starry eyes original (causes exclusive)
my morning jacket - highly suspicious (vhs or beta dee jays remix)
matthew dear - when she don't need me (causes exclusive)
mum - asleep in a hiding place
neon neon - i lust u feat. cate le bon (dj eli escobar remix)
richard swift - wastin' m'time
rjd2 - wherever
sharon jones & dap-kings - it hurts to be alone
tim & eric - petite feet (exclusive devlin & ghostdad remix feat. sylvia gordon)


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