Konntinent - 'If I Could Buy A Map of Hope - Volume 2'

I'm very happy to tell you that from Monday April 6th, you'll be able
to download an all new mini-album for free! How ace is that?! Very ace,
thats how ace it is!

In fact, I think those of you wired in to Last FM can download the individual tracks now. For free.

This is the second installment in the if I could buy a map of hope EP
series & is appropriately titled if I could buy a map of
hope...volume 2.

I'm also very happy to be releasing this on the label I incapably help
co-curate - Phantom Channel. Were I to write a press release, it'd run
something like this:::

Like its predecessor, MOHv2 is an exploration of organic, free range
melody & process moulded textures - an argument of stasis and free
form. In the pallette this time around are some glockenspiels, music
boxes, guitars, melodicas, some feedback, some vocals, some splicing,
some dicing and some dancing. Across 8 tracks, if I could buy a map of
hope...volume 2 touches various musical bases including drone, post
rock, soundscapes, broken vocal songwriting and even techno. I really
like it, but of course I do.


1. Shutting Down

2. ololo
3. Pin Point
4. Trade Wind West
5. Sold on Solid
6. Pebbled
7. The Adhesive
8. Paper Thin

Its FREE and will be available from Monday not only from
www.phantomchannel.co.uk. Its covered on creative commons license -
please email it to your chums without the slightest tinge of guilt.

The amazing cover pic is again by the exceptional Mr Pillows, the
lovely miss Jana P lent her voice to Paper Thin...every else is my fault


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