2L8 music video

Done with zero budget. Everybody worked really hard on this. One year and a half in the making. After I designed and directed the animations sequences for the TV show I wanted to do something more. A music video seemed a nice opportunity. 2L8 is a great band in town. Goth post rock music. Appropriate for my sensibilities. We shot for two days in front of a green box. Both Kostas(the band's lead)and Mariana(a great actor) worked hard. Editing and animation took a lot longer. I think we did a nice job considering the limitations we had.


Ο χρήστης Sad Peter Pan είπε…
εξαιρετικο το vid!
το εκανε το θαυμα παλι ο Κωστας!
...για το album καλυτερα να μην μιλησω γιατι θα θελω τρεις σελιδες comment!
Ο χρήστης Zeugolator είπε…
Ναι κάνανε φοβερή δουλειά και με μηδέν μπάτζετ. Να δούμε τώρα πως θα καταφέρουμε να πάμε και στα δύο live.

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