Noise-obsessed, dark, but ultimately poppy, Boo and Boo Too play indie rock buried beneath the squall of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine combined with the loose abandon of Pavement. The band’s live shows climax with swirling, blown-out whitewashes of sound, amps buzzing and guitars screeching. Still in its infancy, the band has survived various line-up changes and incarnations in the two years since its formation. Now solidified as a five-piece, the band has emerged with its intense, noisy indie rock as a major fixture in the music scene of Lawrence, KS, embarking on tours throughout the mid-west and sharing the stage with bands such as Broken Social Scene, Death Cab for Cutie, The Black Angels, Bound Stems, Rahim, Dosh, Magnolia Electric Co., and Neil Hamburger.


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