6. Maybeshewill - Not For Want Of Trying (Field)

Ήχοι από laptop έχουν βαλθεί να τα γκρεμίσουν όλα ενώ ηλεκτρικές κιθάρες μουγκρίζουν σαν το πιο άγριο θεριό και από πάνω samples με λόγια που κόβουν σαν ξυράφι. Μου είχε κάνει εντύπωση από τον πρώτο δίσκο των 65daysofstatic μου έκανε εντύπωση και στο ντεμπούτο των Maybeshewill. Τόσο φρέσκο, τόσο έξυπνο, τόσο ξεσηκωτικό. Δεν προλαβαίνουν να κλείνουν live πλέον, δεν προλαβαίνουν τις παραγγελίες (το κλείσανε προς το παρόν για να στείλουν ότι έχει μαζευτεί το τελευταίο δίμηνο), όλα τους πηγαίνουν καλά και χαίρομαι πολύ γι' αυτό. Βέβαια με χαλάει που το live τους στην Αθήνα πήγε Σεπτέμβριο (η Alterground δεν το άλλαξε ακόμη αλλά οι ίδιοι στο Myspace το αλλάξανε, 18&19 Σεπτεμβρίου λένε, δύο μέρες; θα πάω και στις δύο). Παρακάτω μια μίνι συνέντευξη που μου παραχώρησαν για το Tranzistor :

1)Tell us about the band. Introduce you to the Greek audience.
Hey - we're Maybeshewill from Leicestershire in the UK. We make music. Beyond that we don't like to put any limitations on it

2)You run your own label, what prompt you to start something like that?
We've been doing it for years. We like a lot of young bands who don't get much attention or help, so we tried to give them a bit of assistance. We've put cds out by Fight Fire With Water, Herra Hidro, Gallery 47, Buenos Aires and Death Of London - all of whom are awesome, and all of whom you should listen to.

3)Not For Want Of Trying received some great reviews. Did you expect it?
Not at all. We were really surprised that anyone even listened to it. I think it came out at the right time and it seemed to strike a chord with certain people.

4)Apart from some samples you don’t have vocals in your music. How difficult or easier is to attract the audience without lyrics?
I think it's easier to attract a small audience because the people that like instrumental music are always trying to find new music - but i think it definitely limits the size of our potential audience.

5)Do you believe that Japanese people are more open minded about the electronic music and laptop music in general in comparison with west people?
Maybe. I think we're lucky to have found a japanese label that was willing to take the risk with us. If we were getting the kind of exposure over here that we get over there i think we'd have a similar fanbase.

6)Before a month or so you released a collaboration with one of my favorite bands, Her Name Is Calla, how this collaboration occur?
We're both from Leicester. They're amazing. We asked if they'd like to release a split and they agreed. They're really nice guys

7)Maybeshewill are four people. Which are you music interests? Do you have the same music taste?
Nah, we all have quite different tastes, but there are certain bands that we all listen to. It's too hard to answer.

8)What we have to expect about your concert? There will be some visuals or videos? Will you bring any merchandise?
We don't know. I think the show is being delayed until October. We can't even imagine that far ahead. Its difficult to take merchandise abroad, so possibly not.

9)Something you want to say to your Greek fans?
We wish you lived closer!

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Ο χρήστης elafini είπε…
Τα φοβήθηκα λίγο τα θεριά...

(ωραία συνέντευξη ;))
Ο χρήστης Zeugolator είπε…
Χεχε! Καλά, ας μην γελιόμαστε, χάλια είναι η συνέντευξη, αλλά μου βγήκε αυθόρμητα.
Ο χρήστης elafini είπε…
Υπερβάλλεις.Απλές και καίριεσ ερωτήσεις ;)
(ακόμη ξύπνια είμαι; φεύγωωω)

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