Aereogramme ''Deluxe 8 Vinyl Box Set''

Following Aereogramme's much lamented dissolution in 2007, their reputation as one of Glasgow's most pioneering bands has, if anything, grown in stature. It's often the case that you only miss the water when the well runs dry and certainly with Aereogramme, the barren prospect of no more albums or blistering live shows is a hard one to endure. Over the course of three EPs and three albums, Aereogramme enhanced Chemikal Underground's catalogue immeasurably, bringing power and poignancy in equal measure: swelling your heart as they pulverised your eardrums.

We had often looked back regretfully at never releasing 'Sleep And Release' or 'My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go' on vinyl - a regret which, when allied to the unavailability on vinyl of their Fukd ID and Livers And Lungs EPs, plagued us to such an extent that action simply had

So what have we got then? Well, the most ambitious and downright blue ribbon release that Chemikal Underground has ever produced, that's what:

• The Glam Cripple EP (Fukd ID #1)
• White Paw EP
• Livers And Lungs EP
• A Story In White LP
• Sleep And Release 2LP
• My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go 2LP
• Exclusive introduction by journalist Hardeep Phull
• Liner notes and personal reflections on Aereogramme's career by bassist, Campbell McNeil

'Livers And Lungs', 'Sleep And Release' and 'My Heart Has A Wish...' have never been available on vinyl and 'Glam Cripple' has been sold out on vinyl for quite some time so this box-set provides a unique opportunity to own all of Aereogramme's complete EP and LP output whilst on Chemikal Underground. Campbell's notes are funny, poignant and fascinatingly honest, elevating this box-set to something more akin to an historical document than a collector's curiosity.

An eight-piece vinyl box-set then, with an accompanying twelve page, 12" booklet, it's a genuinely amazing collection of Aereogramme's chemikal material and it is STRICTLY limited to 1,000 copies. This has been a real labour of love for both Aereogramme and Chemikal Underground and we couldn't be more proud of how it's turned out. We'd like to take the opportunity of thanking Mr Aidan Moffat for his invaluable design skills on the artwork and, more importantly, we'd like to thank everyone who buys it: a first for the label; a fitting tribute to an exceptional band and a magnificent addition to anyone's record collection. to be taken. Dispensing entirely with any half measures, we got together with the band and discussed the viability of a comprehensive, uber-dunting box-set - an Aereogramme Anthology on vinyl to all intents and purposes - and an enthusiastic agreement came swiftly over a brace of fine bourbons.


Ο χρήστης "Sad Peter Pan" είπε…
καλημερα και ευχαριστω για το link!για τους Aereogramme δεν εχω και πολλα να πω παρα μονο οτι ειναι απο τις αγαπημενες μου μπαντες!αν θες τσεκαρε και τους Magnetic Morning.πιστευω θα σου αρεσουν αν δεν τους εχεις ακουσει ακομα!
τωρα για τους Our Brother The Native το album τους ειναι υπεροχο κ ενα απο τα καλυτερα της χρονιας!
αυτα τα ολιγα!
Ο χρήστης Zeugolator είπε…
Και εμένα μου είναι μεγάλη αδυναμία οι Aereogramme. Κρίμα που το διάλυσαν. Magnetic Morning δεν θυμάμαι να έχω ακούσει, θα τους τσεκάρω. Σίγουρα το Our Brother The Native θα μπει στα καλύτερα.

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