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Easily the most controversial album Chemikal Underground has ever released, "I Can Hear Your Heart" is the new solo project from ex-Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat. No stranger to a frank lyric or ten, Aidan has created a completely unique album that is more like a talking book than a conventional album. Due out in February, the album will come to you in the form of an enhanced CD, packaged in a hardback book format featuring 24 tracks that are in turn hilarious, disturbing, challenging and sexually explicit.

At a time when music has never been more depressingly benign or formulaically safe - this album reminds us all that music can be provocative, bold and unapologetic. If there was ever a project that reaffirms what we're all about at Chemikal Underground - it's this one.

"Super Sexxxy Real Live!"


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