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Ο χρήστης mystery falls down είπε…
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Isis and Aereogramme Go In the Fishtank

Isis' new LP, In the Absence of Truth, won't be released by Ipecac until October 31, but the band have plenty to tide hungry fans over until then, with the previously reported Clearing the Eye DVD coming out on September 26, an ongoing tour with Tool, and now, a collaborative EP with Aereogramme, to be released October 10 via Konkurrent.

In the Fishtank 14 is the latest EP in a series for the Dutch label in which like-minded artists are "given two days studio time [together] and freedom to do whatever they like musically," according to the label's website. Past collaborators have included the Black Heart Procession and Solbakken, Sonic Youth, ICP and the Ex, Low and Dirty Three, and Tortoise and the Ex.

The Isis/Aerogramme EP was recorded in July of last year, and, according to a press release, the resulting three songs are not what you might expect from such a collaboration: "When Konkurrent invited Isis and Aereogramme to do a Fishtank session, we expected a loud and heavy session not yet heard in the series. Expectations can be misleading. Was it the extremely hot weather? The overwhelming 70s atmosphere in the studio? The shitty hotel the night before? We may never know those answers, but we know this: it's the analog warmth that makes the song tender, organic, and fragile."

MP3: Isis: Dulcinea [from the forthcoming In the Absence of Truth LP]
Ο χρήστης Zeugolator είπε…
Heheh!akrivws ta parapanw 3 kosmhmata htan to deutero post mou!
Ο χρήστης mystery falls down είπε…
Όντως! Δεν το είχα προσέξει. Σκύβω το κεφάλι από ντροπή. Συγχαρητήρια λοιπόν
Ο χρήστης zisis είπε…
Thanx για το promo. Περιμένω με ανυπομονησία το album τους!

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