Meek Meek

Akron Family - Meek Warrior - 2006 (Young God Records)

Since the debut Akron/Family album came out in March ’05 they’ve played hundreds (and hundreds) of shows across the known world, recorded / released and toured for a split album with Angels of Light (also serving as backing band in the latter, both in studio and on tour), recorded a few home brewed albums they sell on the road, and have generally worked themselves to death, or at least into a new entity they themselves maybe don’t even recognize. And now this: a new “special” album that has been blaring in my office constantly, obsessively, for weeks now and that once again shows them morphing into something simultaneously unfamiliar, wild, gentle, raging, hilarious, elated and meditative - riddled with chaos and sonic contradiction, and sometimes just simply beautiful – the song “Gone Beyond” is the sort of palliative hymn I want to hear while suddenly finding myself drifting through the universe having unexpectedly jettisoned the meat-grinder of earthly existence - where perhaps songs like “Blessing Force” , played repeatedly at full volume, have pummeled me into hapless insensibility. All of this ultimately gets sorted out and makes for a stunning document, in my opinion. At the time of this writing they’re ensconced in the mountains somewhere on a much-needed recuperative retreat. Good thing, because this fall and winter they’ll be touring again and also recording another new album for YGR, to be released early next year, when they’ll tour again, and on to infinity... I hope you enjoy the music! - Michael Gira/Young God Records


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