A Long Cut

The Longcut - Call And Response - 2006 (DeLtasonic)

A Call And Response is the hotly anticipated debut album from The Longcut. Produced by Johnny Dollar (Massive Attack), mixed by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek and written and recorded by the most vital, visceral band around, A Call And Response is destined to become one of the year’s essential albums.
Recorded in between festival commitments over a six-week period in summer 2005, the album took the band from Sussex’s residential Park Gate Studios to Ray Davies’ Konk Studio. When work wrapped up there, Dave Sitek took the reigns, mixing the album in his ramshackle Brooklyn studio. ‘Dave works in a completely different way to us,’ says guitarist Lee Gale. ‘He’ll stay up for days on end without sleep. We were all over the place while he was mixing the album – Japan, America, and back at home – so we’d have to get up at weird times in the morning to download mixes as he finished them. It was hard to leave our album in someone else’s hands, but he understands where we’re coming from and the results are fantastic.’


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