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Audrey - Visible Forms - 2006 (Tender Version)

Εδώ και κάποιο καιρό περίμενε υπομονετικά να έρθει η σειρά του και να ακουστεί. Σήμερα το λοιπόν έφτασε τούτη η μέρα και εγώ έχω πάθει πλάκα. Το γυναικείο κουαρτέτο απο την Σουηδία μαγεύει με αυτον εδώ τον δίσκο.

Visible Forms is something that's bound to escape coverage at the more illustrious indie websites, but don't make the same mistake and miss out on one of the year's best albums. Rebecka Kristiansson, Emelie Molin, Anna Tomlin, and Victoria Skoglund combine to really add some much needed excitement to 2006's resume. Although the band covers a variety of sounds on Visible Forms, Audrey will likely draw comparisons to Logh, The Cranberries, Fiona Apple, and maybe even Bjork due to their sophisticated vocal layerings. To this critic, Audrey is one of the better things to happen to music in a long time. Not only is it a nice change of pace from the normal music the industry provides, but it also makes you think about why you haven’t heard this type of sound before. Maybe Audrey is onto something big here.


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