Sicily Knows How To Rock

Uzeda - Stella - 2006 (Touch And Go/Quarterstick Records)

Πόσο μου άρεσε αυτή η αγριοφωνάρα της Τζιοβάνας και πόσο ανατριχιαστικά είναι αυτά τα ασταμάτητα γρατζουνίσματα της κιθάρας. Α ρε Albini κάνεις μαγικά!

One of the first things you'll notice upon listening to Stella is the anguished screams of lead singer Giovanna Cacciola. Notice just how quickly she can switch from crooning to howling on the appropriately titled "Wailing." She practically reaches out of the speakers and demands your attention. The angular, corrosive guitar work courtesy of Agostino Tilotta is right there in the mix too, providing its own commentary. And the punishing combo of Raffaele Gulisano on bass and Davide Oliveri on drums is the group's constant. Throughout the album, Raffaele's bass work takes the lead as often as any other instrument. One-sided music this is not.


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